SOLARCHE is a solar PV installation company founded in 2015 by people sharing the same passion for providing renewable energy alternative. Our team is composed of people with years of experience in the solar installation business for both residential and industrial applications. As a new company but comprised of experienced personnel, we are continuously progressing with numerous projects through excellent workmanship and quality first mindset.





  • To DELIVER solar power technology as an alternative source of clean and affordable energy to every Filipinos.
  • To PROVIDE employment and services to people founded on the company’s core values and business principles.



  • To CONTRIBUTE to the cause for a healthy environment by installing 1 Mega Watts of RESIDENTIAL PV System by 2025 providing clean power from the sun





  • INTEGRITY in all our business dealings
  • CARE for the people and community

Know The Owner

Engr. Michael Jan Cas

General Manager

Solar PV System Training/Certification:

  • International Certification for Solar PV Systems design and installation (White House Solar International, Dr. Sean White, IREC Master Trainer)
  • Trained for Solar PV Systems Design and Installation (Meralco Power Academy)

Professional Experience:

  • More than 15 years experience in the manufacturing industry and held various positions in different Fields:
    • Engineering (Manager for Process Continuation/Improvement)
    • Operations (Manager for Knowledge Management)
    • Quality Assurance (Unit Manager for Outgoing Inspection Process and Operations)

Passion Outside Work:

  • Loves to play the keyboard, guitar and drums; currently a musical director and worship leader for The Feast Alabang (under the LOJ community of Bo Sanchez)
  • Having quality time with my wife and kids everyday!
  • Basketball! Already in the playing court before 6am during weekends!


Engr. Ronald Salvador


With years of experience in the the Construction and Tourism industry, he has traveled many parts of the world and is a witness to how other countries are benefitting from tapping clean enery. His desire to be part of the solution in addressing country’s electricity issues led him to pursue an opportunity through harnessing and providing renewable, sustainable, natural power of the sun. Together with Michael, they teamed up to bring a technological revolution in harnessing the natural power of the God-given ball of energy. Our SUN. Solarche. Let the Sun Begin.

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